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What Do Air Freight Forwarders Do – 3 Services

March 23, 2018 Comments Off on What Do Air Freight Forwarders Do – 3 Services

Air freight forwarders or logistics companies can help you save tons on supply chain expenses within your business. Since logistics companies are often fulfilling multiple accounts at the same time they can represent a particularly large share of shipping carriers total business. Since they are often one of the shippers largest and steadiest clients, they have more bargaining power than a sole individual attempting to book than a carrier would. They use that negotiating leverage to achieve the best possible shipping terms and prices for their clients.

Once a forwarder receives a shipping order from a client, they then start calling different carriers to arrange space for the shipment on different asset-based carriers. Shipment options include freight ships, airplanes, trucks, and railroads.

Typically freight forwarders are licensed by the federal maritime agency and have particular international expertise and familiarity with customs procedures. These skills and experiences help them prepare and process documentation to ensure that shipments arrive at their various destinations and checkpoints and pass through customs quickly and easily. They help declare shipments, review the commercial invoice and ship’s bill of lading and other documents as required by the importing, exporting, or transshipping country. With the rise of the information age, this is now mostly taking place online.

These companies also offer additional services. If you would like more information about what do air freight forwarders do, here are a few common services they offer.

1. Negotiate the best rates and discounts

They can negotiate special rates for bulk shipments. Much like an airline loses money when seats are not filled by paying customers, carriers lose money when they don’t ship a full load in each ship or plane. Forwarders can also help you save money by consolidating your shipment along with a few others into the same container.

2. Plan and execute shipping across the entire shipping cycle

The most comprehensive freight forwarders can literally offer door-to-door shipping services. They can ship both imports and exports for combined road, sea, and rail shipping and even offer door-to-door delivery. They are essentially the masters of moving large quantities of freight across national borders.

A few of the largest logistics companies can even offer warehousing, distributing and delivery for some clients. For instance, if you manufacture product in Asia or India, you can have a freight forwarder handle the shipping to the country your customers live in. From there, they can warehouse, distribute and deliver your goods through their product fulfillment services.

3. Provide consistent and real-time information on shipments

Technology has advanced so much that dispatchers can tell you exactly where in the world your shipment is, at any time. Thanks to state-of-the-art software, forwarders are able to provide shipment tracking at every stage of the supply chain. If one of your clients ever calls needing to know the status of an order, you can simply call up your forwarder, provide them with the shipment ID or date, and they can quickly give you the shipment’s location and estimated time of delivery.

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